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I think this is a great idea, how can I support you?
Thank you! We are very happy to hear that. Why not:

  • Like us on Facebook, and load up any photos or videos
  • Follow us on Twitter, and use the hashtag #Festaxi
  • Send your positive feedback to the relevant festival
  • Share your fun experiences on festival forums

Will you be at X festival this year? Or will you return to X festival next year?
Now you know where the website is, you know where to look! We also try to get a mention on the relevant festivals websites too. If you really want to make it happen, please write your chosen festival to suggest that FESTAXI would be great for them. I’m sure you can imagine, we’d really appreciate it!

I want to volunteer, what do I do?
You can register on our website to get all the information you need and to be kept informed of new events we have confirmed. You can also sign up to events within your profile.

I have volunteered at festivals before, do I have to pay?
Yes I'm afraid so. A refundable deposit of £150 is needed to secure your place. Unfortunately, people have abused the voluntary system and just got free entry and then disappeared. More details about the deposit can be found on the Deposit FAQ page.

Are the vehicles safe?
The buggies are designed for passenger use, so have sufficient handholds for bumpy surfaces. We use trailers to carry your equipment so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

How do you handle the task of driving around in poor conditions
The buggies can stand a lot of punishment. Where readily available, we equip off road knobbly tires that help us out a great deal. We ensure that the buggies have lighting equipment suited for driving in low light conditions also.

Are your drivers qualified?
All our drivers have full UK driving licenses and receive adequate training to familiarize with the site and the buggies. Many of them have worked with FESTAXI before, and we aim to make sure that we retain excellent staff through incentives. We are all familiar with the buggies, and know what to do to avoid sudden, unexpected failure: and how to deal with it if genuinely unavoidable. Drivers are aware of the different handling characteristics when dealing with a fully-loaded vehicle both in terms of passengers and an equipment trailer. We have staff trained in first aid, basic vehicle maintenance, and fire appliance usage.

Can I book one?
Currently, being able to guarantee bookings is not always possible, it really depends on the event and current demand. Where we offer a pre-bookable service, there will be limited tickets available to ensure we can deliver a great service to you. There will be a booking fee added to the standard price of travel, this will include postage of your physical ticket. Tickets will be available in the Festaxi Shop.

How do I use the service?
Find a stop or one of our control staff (usually with a flag and hi-vis vest). Or come and see us at the control room to book one and we can radioone in for you. We are usually based near the festival gates, but will vary at each festival.

I can’t find one! Where can I find you?
We try to have our positions in the most useful places, but we appreciate this may not be anywhere near your particular campsite. We also try to confirm our positions for use in any site maps that are printed for the audience and other stewards and staff who you may ask for our position. It is in our interests to be as visible as possible, yet sometimes conditions do not make this possible.  For example, poor weather or obstructions may force us to close of an area or move a stop.

There are loads of vehicles at festivals, which ones are yours?
We have FESTAXI signage and decorations clearly identifying our vehicles from the other golf buggies, utility vehicles and 4x4s that are often around at festivals. We have exclusive rights to provide this service at festivals, and would of course be grateful for any reports of other vehicles providing the service in our name. 

How much is it?
The price will vary at different festivals depending on the distance for travel and service provided.

Do you prioritise certain customers over others?
In some cases we prioritise injured, pregnant, elderly and disabled customers over the able-bodied. For good karma, for the love from the festival organisers and out of our own sense of responsibility.

Do you take equipment?
We take passengers and equipment, and often have a range of trailers to deal with even the largest and heaviest loads. If you have a huge amount of equipment, let us know so we can get you a suitable trailer. We do not always run a service with trailers, when they are not required - this is typically during the festival once the majority of the audience have arrived. However, if you do require one at these times, please ask.

Do you help load and unload?
Our drivers are willing to assist, but this should be seen as a bonus, not an obligation! Likewise, we are willing to help carry your bags a short distance to a pick up point, but this is down to the discretion of the driver. Our definition of ‘it’s quite close’ and your definition of ‘it’s quite close’ may naturally, be very different!

What if some of my equipment breaks or gets lost?
We do our best to pack, cover up and tie down all equipment, but cannot accept any liability for breakages or loss of items while using a FESTAXI. We will help you load up, but it is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment is secure. You may bring some hand luggage with you, but we recommend you keep both hands free in order to use the handholds for safety. Anything kept in your coat or trouser pockets should also be secured, we don’t like to see phones sliding out into the mud!

We would like to sponsor FESTAXI at an event, how do we go about doing this?
We are always open to sponsorship ideas and are happy to discuss options. You will need to discuss with the Sponsorship Team what options are available as each event has specific sponsorship rules. But we can work around your needs.
We have worked with a range of businesses such as Spotify, PodPads, The Guardian, Channel 4, Hearthworks...

Can I hire you for private events, parties, weddings?
Yes. Please note: we provide a buggy and driver service, we don’t hire out buggies for you to drive. Let us know what you need and we can discuss options with you. If we cannot do it we know people that can.

Can you run the service in an indoor venue- ie, a conference centre?
Yes we can. We would typically only use electric buggies in an indoor area.

I want to complain about the service. Who do I speak to?
Please email us email us where we will endeavor to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.


And of course, don’t forget to look out for us in the future, we’ll be happy to see you again.