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Latitude and Leeds 2013

Festaxi have once again proved to be a great service for our customers at Latitude & Leeds Festival in 2013, with their ever polite and enthusiastic staff they ran a service that was professional and efficient, even if ground conditions were a little wet at Leeds!! Thank you!!


Bestival & Camp Bestival

At both Bestival and Camp Bestival, Festaxi have proved to be an excellent addition for our customers giving them the choice to walk or pay a fee to get closer to the action, their chosen campsite or car. It's great to be able to provide options for our customers, which of course fits with the rest of our line-up where we provide many different options for people to enjoy their weekend.


Plymouth VolksFest

Festaxi have been able to provide a hassle free service year on year. Making the festival experience a more pleasurable experience for our customers is a number one priority, and we're glad to have had Festaxi involved.

Dan and the team take all the fuss out of moving festival goers, artists and equipment around our increasingly large site. Quite simply a must for any festival!

Mark Tam - Plymouth Volksfest


Latitude Festival 2012

We particularly appreciated all the extra effort you put in in the bad weather and the support with the disabled customers and the other welfare issues. We also really appreciated your last minute flexibility with the family service when we couldn't get the tractor and trailer.

The conditions onsite this year were very difficult (again) and I think we all feel that it is about time we had a mud free one, so heres is to a sunny 2013.


Thank you again - it was a complete pleasure working with you.



We loved working with Daniel and the Festaxi team at Latitude. They're imaginative, open to ideas and went the extra mile to make sure the Spotify Taxis were a hit. The drivers were supportive and really got involved in our activity with energy and enthusiasm.

Attitude is Everything

Festaxi at Leeds Festival 2013 were an amazing addition to some pretty outstanding access facilities. The Festaxi team went over and above in giving a great service that made a real difference to how customers in the accessible campsite got into the arena, in what was a pretty muddy year.

Some kind words from fans of Festaxi

Looking forward to you at Latitude want to book you now or get more information my son has a bad leg you were our Knight in shining armour last year and I want to see you next week you are fantastic FESTAXI RULE OK see you.

Best festival service EVER - Don't know how we would have managed without @Festaxi Thank you guys! Thank you @CampBestival for having them!

Just wanted to say what a delight it was to have the Festaxis at Latitude this year. The staff were all incredibly helpful and offering free lifts to the disabled customers was especially useful with all the mud.

Festaxi - fabulous! We used them to transport most of our gear to where we wanted to camp, having taken our tent and some essentials on foot previously. The men as usual opted for tent errecting leaving women and kids to do the transporting as usual! Ha ha....thanks to Festaxi it was a breeze - those guys even helped us load and unload our gear - brilliant! more for next year tho please!!!!

Festaxi was a superb idea and saved me (travelling with three kids) carrying lots of baby paraphernalia so a true life saver.

Festaxis - I managed to get one within 15 minutes of arriving at the car park which took me and 4 kids and 2 car loads of assorted fancy dress, food and camping equipment to about 10 feet from where we wanted to camp at the forum area. We did not have to hire trolleys, nor lug all our stuff across the car park and up the hills and we arrived not exhausted all ready to put up our tents. I would happily say this was thee best £20 I have ever spent in 5 years at Camp Bestival and hope that Festaxis are there every year from now cos I for one will be using them exery year from now :)

We discovered Festaxi this year and would HIGHLY recommend them. They took us and all of our stuff from the car to where we wanted to camp, which ended up being really close to the facilities - happy days.

Good work in tough conditions! All your team members we encountered were both friendly and helpful.

Finally; the worst part of going to a festival is carrying all the camping gear and now we don't have to.

What do our volunteers think?

Everytime i think of Festaxi, see a Festaxi status update, etc ....I get a big warm sunshine, soul hug, and then want to cry coz im missing all the Festaxiing fun!!!!!

It was fun to do, even when the weather was extreme. The meeting of new people while working was great, and the group interaction worked well. Obviously the festival was amazing and I hope to be included again into it again soon ! I think the concept of the taxi service within the festival is great. Such an inspiring idea!

Great experience, thoroughly enjoyed working as team to taxi people back and forwards and make the most of the day. Great to meet lots of interesting people and the team running the company are a down to earth, switched on bunch.

It was Fun Fun Fun! Great bunch of people providing a fab service.Loved driving the buggies. Thought it was a good work/ time to enjoy the festival balance.

In comparison to other volunteering jobs at festivals, very good work.

I love being at a festival with a large group of people. I have met some great friends and had a brilliant time working for Festaxi.

Whats not to love? golf buggies, good music and amazing people.