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Boutique Camping

With the increase in demand for boutique camping, there has been a call for additional services in order to provide that extra value to the VIP element of festival camping. Festaxi have worked with PodsPads and Hearthworks to supply branded taxis that offer free shuttle transport to their customersat Bestival.

Spotify Festaxi at Latitude Festival

2012 saw the introduction of the Spotify Festaxi at Latitude Festival. Festaxi worked with Spotify to provide mobile disco buggies. The golf buggy taxis were customised with the addition of fantastic sound systems and Spotify branding to bring entertainment to the festival campsites. Festival-goers were picked up from their tents, chose from a wide range of tunes to create a Spotify playlist and were ferried to the party in serious style.

We loved working with the Festaxi team at Latitude. They're imaginative, open to ideas and went the extra mile to make sure the Spotify Taxis were a hit. The drivers were supportive and really got involved in our activity with energy and enthusiasm.

Our vehicles are used by thousands and seen by thousands more at each event and as a result are a fantastic advertising medium. They are very versatile and offer many opportunities to increase brand awareness through interaction and participation. Do something a bit different and see how we can work together at a number of amazing festivals all over the UK - info@festaxi.com.