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Having an on-site taxi service brings many benefits to both festival organiser and festival goer.

Benefits to the Festival

  • No cost to the festival* (we are open to sponsorship offers)
  • Shows that the festival is looking at innovative ideas to provide new services to the festival goer
  • A new concept for the growing festivals and events market
  • Increase safety amongst attendees, especially for individuals that have lost their way
  • Improves foot traffic – especially at peak times
  • Position of pickup/drop off spots can increase dwelling time for nearby trading areas
  • The opportunity to have branding on a moving form of advertising space (USP when approaching potential sponsors)
  • Promotion of your festival on the FESTAXI website
  • Opportunities to co-ordinate our staff with your clean up team after the festival
  • Offer assistance for the artist liaison team and provide transport for your performers
  • Provide extra value at your event

Benefits to the Festival Goer

  • A fun alternative means of transport
  • Brought the whole family along? We can provide a trailer service to assist with your equipment 
  • Provides a helpful service to attendees with accessibility needs
  • On the day of arrival – we can provide a transport service for festival goers 
  • The same can be said for the last day when people pack up and leave
  • Faster travel time between campsite and arena which means more time and energy spent enjoying the festival

* minimum capacity applies